Summer Sabbatical Over

With the first week of the preseason coming to an end, I’ve got lots to write about between Andrew Luck and replacement refs but this morning I managed to come across some amazing news about Stephen Strasburg that absolutely superseded writing about the NFL today.

As per a source Strasburg will soon be shut down for the remainder of the regular season – which is what was expected given his return from Tommy John in 2010. The kicker: the same source reports that once that inning limit is hit, Strasburg won’t pitch the playoffs, either.


The Washington Nationals have -never- played a playoff baseball game since relocating. That should be sign enough to the management, to the powers that be, that legitimate shots at the World Series do not come across ones plate every day. Baseball is notoriously difficult to get into the playoffs – forget the fact that they’re actually perhaps contenders this year, there’s absolutely nothing to say they’re even getting near the playoffs again next season.

I get the concept that’s behind this: Strasburg is a pitching stud, a genuine ace. He’s already had TJ once, and the team wants to ensure his arm stays healthy in the long run. No one wants to see a special athlete like Strasburg have his career cut short, especially not the management and owners of the club paying his way.

Here’s what one hall of fame manager has to say about this:

“You don’t save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain.” – Leo Durocher

There’s no guarantee that next year the Nationals will make the playoffs. There’s no guarantee that Strasburg won’t blow out his arm on his first outing next year, and require TJ again. There’s no guarantees in baseball.

And that’s why when you’re a serious world series contender you make that risk. You run the chance. You rest him more now – let him not toss more than 5 innings a game, keep him on a strict pitch count. God help the people in charge in Washington should the Nats find their way to a 5th game rubber-match, and Edwin Jackson or Ross Detwiler or whomever the Nats are pulling into the 5th hole has to take a start while Strasburg is chilling out on the bench blowing bubble-gum. Those powers will be will wish that the was risking blowing his arm, instead.

4 thoughts on “Summer Sabbatical Over

  1. It’s like the Broncos having $20M/year Peyton Manning sit on the sidelines while Caleb Hanie fucks all your shit up. On the off chance that Ray Lewis buckles his neck in two from the blind side. Pro players get paid enormous amounts of money to do one thing. Play fucking ball. If John Elway sat Manning, he would be the laughing stock of the NFL. I should hope the same will be true of Mike Rizzo and/or Davey Johnson.

    • To use another Peyton Manning reference, to me its like resting the starters with a perfect season on the line. The Colts were convinced it was the right move, but, the fan base sensing that something truly special could be happening revolted… they were pissed that they were deprived of an opportunity to witness this, and, I sense it will be the same for the Nationals. As the article says, who knows if they will ever sniff this again, and, if they are worried about saving his health/getting the most out of their investment, one would think that they’d want to get the most out of him when the games counted, not otherwise…